Best Sun Protection Tips for Summer Skincare

Best Sun Protection Tips for Summer Skincare

With the first day of summer fast-approaching, temperatures are rising and UV rays are strengthening. Changes need to be implemented into our daily routines to adjust to the climate of the new season. Apart from retrieving flowy sundresses from the backs of our wardrobes and packing away our parkas, its time to swap winter skincare products for more protective ones to defend ourselves from UV exposure. Self-care and beauty routines are often time consuming, and unrealistic to fit into our busy schedules. Worst of all, they require high levels of effort and commitment. That’s why we’ve complied a list of lazy girl hacks for the best sun protection, so you can conquer your summer harm-free.

Sunscreen tips

We are all aware of this elementary step to summer skincare, but how many times have you gotten burned despite lathering your body in sunscreen prior to leaving the house? It’s not only important that you apply sunscreen, but it matters when you do so too. For the best sun protection, allow SPF to sink into the skin for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Use a sunscreen spray on your scalp to avoid a nasty burn in your part as well.

Two birds, one stone

For the best sun protection, dermatologists recommend doubling-up on your SPF products. Although you can’t entirely rely on two-in-one products like sun protective foundations and moisturizers, incorporating them into your daily makeup routine is highly effective in providing extra protection for the face. Don’t forget to first apply a layer of sunscreen as a base, and make it a habit to use only SPF 30 or higher on your face as that part of your skin is much more sensitive and prone to sun damage.

Staying shady

The 90’s are making a major comeback, with endless influencers adopting the decade’s style. Sported by the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Hadid sisters, and countless other celebrities, tiny sunglasses have become one of the biggest fashion trends of 2019.  Fashion is pain, and this is no exception to the rule. Wearing smaller-framed glasses exposes us to greater chances of burning, given that the skin around our eyes is extremely sensitive. For the best sun protection, larger sunglasses are preferred to small ones, as they cover a larger portion of the face and are more protective.

Skincare doesn’t end when your morning routine does, so don’t forget to throw a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen in your purse before you walk out the door. SPF fades as we sweat, which is why reapplying every 2 hours is crucial for the best sun protection.

Although staying proactive is always best, don’t be discouraged if the damage has already been done. One of our specialties here at Machat Medical Aesthetics is Lumecca photorejuvenation – an advanced IPL system which emits lasers into the skin, targeting damaged tissues. This innovation is among the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments on the market, and is optimized to reduce the appearance of sun damage in only 1-3 sessions!

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