Choosing a Med Spa: How to Find Yours


Choosing a Med Spa: How to Find Yours

As we inch toward stage two of the COVID-19 reopening plan, Ontarians far and wide are returning to their usual routines. While aesthetic services may not have been deemed ‘essential’ in previous phases of reopening, any med spa patient would argue that beauty upkeep is a critical component of their regular maintenance. Consequently, choosing a med spa that is well suited to one’s individual needs is no small feat. You wouldn’t trust just about anyone to do your dental work, would you? It’s important to hold your aesthetics clinic to the same standard. If you’re new to medical aesthetics, or simply in between providers and unsure of what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. Read on for the top four factors to consider while choosing a med spa.


No business can be all things to all people, so it’s important to know what a clinic’s specialties are before choosing a med spa (you can find ours here). Do your research! Find out which services as offered by each prospective provider and ask questions. Who administers each treatment? Is there a doctor supervising? Are staff accredited and certified? Not only does that give you an indication of what each aesthetician is knowledgeable about, but it will also help filter out the less professional places. It’s always a great idea to book a consultation for a sneak peek at each spa’s client experience. Pay close attention to how you are being treated from your very first interaction with staff. Are they kind, polite, and understanding? Do you feel comfortable, and as though you are the clinic’s priority? Any med spa truly invested in putting its client’s health and happiness first, will be as accommodating as possible.


Let’s be honest, any business will rush to claim it is the cream of the crop, no matter its success rate. It’s called advertising, and unfortunately, it’s not always so honest. In any case, have no fear – the proof is always in the reviews! If experience and professionalism are a top concern for you while choosing a med spa (and they should be), you’ll need to dig up the truth. Take a look at the social profiles, ratings, and google reviews of the spa in question. Are people vouching for this clinic? Is there any pattern of common criticism? More often than not, reviewers provide great insight into the client experience.

Safety Protocol

Arguably most important of all, stringent safety protocol is a key deciding factor in choosing a med spa.  Especially so in light of the current situation. Not only is it vital that all equipment is sterilized and used with caution, but that the clinic is also following public directives to minimize COVID-19 exposure. Inquire about the med spa’s guidelines, physical distancing policies, and PPE use. Your protection comes before all else!

Us here at Machat Medical Aesthetics are 100% dedicated to optimizing our clients’ experience. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Text (647)622-0850, or simply book an appointment by filling out this form. One of our professionals will be happy to assist you.