What is Coolsculpting?

What is Coolsculpting?

2020 was a tough year for us all; it took a toll on our stress levels, and frankly, it shows. We know that feeling and looking good are closely intertwined, and we’ve committed to providing you the tools for both. Wondering how to get perfect skin in 2021? Call the search off- we’ve created the ideal program for you. Introducing Machat’s Skincare Bootcamp, your 12-month journey to a flawless complexion! Not only does it promise a beautiful, youthful glow, but an affordable payment plan as well. When you join Machat’s Bootcamp, we automatically apply 30% off all included products and services at checkout- our New Year’s gift to you! Pay-as-you-go or commit upfront for additional savings. What’s more, attend Dr.Machat’s monthly Skin Science Made Simple seminars at no cost with membership. Read on for more.

New Year, New Routine

We believe that every skincare regimen must be two things, (1) easy to follow, and (2) well-curated. Following this logic, we’ve organized a treatment timeline that combines innovative aesthetic technologies and research-based skincare solutions to optimize and maintain the health and beauty of your skin.

How to Get Perfect Skin: The At-Home Kit

Upon registering for our boot camp, you will receive a kit of medical-grade skincare products made with the gold standard of topical antioxidants. These products (and their potent ingredients) prevent an accelerated skin aging process and protect the skin from cancer. In your kit, you will find a powerful topical hyaluronic acid – the same ingredient found in dermal fillers— to plump and hydrate your skin. You will also receive a tube of retinol 1% and a CE serum, two proven antiaging products, as well as a tinted sunblock with 50 SPF protection. To tackle pigmentation and promote mild exfoliation, we have also included an LHA cleanser and spot corrector in your toolkit.

Treatment Timeline

It’s important to note that while our top-tier product bundle works wonders, it is a maintenance kit meant to optimize treatment results. If you’re concerned with how to get perfect skin, a good treatment lineup is non-negotiable. The technologies included in our boot camp are some of the most advanced FDA and Health-Canada-approved cosmetic solutions on the market.

Your treatment plan begins with four monthly Fractora sessions. Fractora is an advanced bipolar radiofrequency treatment that uses controlled heating to stimulate deep-tissue collagen production. It diminishes the appearance of pronounced skin imperfections, uneven pigmentation, and loose skin.

Next, you will receive eight medical-grade peels over the course of six months to accelerate exfoliation. This induces the release of inflammatory mediators, resulting in more collagen production, skin restructuring, and skin thickening. The end result? Reduced wrinkles, decreased pigmentation, and improved hydration.

Lastly, you will follow up with 8 weekly Forma sessions. Forma is a skin and tissue remodeling technology that, similarly to Fractora, delivers uniform heat to the skin’s surface to smooth and tighten the skin. In turn, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and discolouration are reduced.

Ready, Set, Glow

Ready to take your skincare to the next level? We’re here to help. Call (647)622-0850 or click here to register, and one of our professionals will be happy to get you started. Flawless skin awaits.