How to Make Fillers Last Longer


How to Make Fillers Last Longer

Over the past decades, the medical aesthetics realm and all of its advancements have truly taken the world by storm. From scar removal to non-invasive fat loss solutions, there’s a treatment for everyone. The hottest on the menu? Anti-aging injections and dermal fillers. Turning back the clock has never been so easy! While the effects of dermal fillers can prove long-lasting, they do eventually wear off as the injectable is naturally degraded by the body. Want to know our tried-and-true tricks for how to make fillers last longer? Read more below.

Lifestyle Changes

The benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle are ample. Believe it or not, but getting the most out of your filler appointments is on that bottomless list! Maintaining a clean diet and committing to eating right is one of the simplest tips we have for how to make fillers last longer. Staying away from inflammatory and processed foods is not only key to optimizing gut health, but also making sure the rate at which your injections are metabolized is not accelerated.

Another lifestyle hack for how to make fillers last longer is to stress less. It’s no big secret that stress, no matter the source, can pose very negative effects on the body in a multitude of ways. High stress levels expend high levels of cortisol, a hormone which speeds up the aging process. To enhance and extend the effects of your injectables, aim to eliminate as many stress-inducers from your everyday life as possible. Our advice? Pick up a stress-relieving hobby like yoga, painting, or working out!

Skincare Maintenance

There’s this common misconception that as soon as you get an aesthetic treatment done, you can stop putting in work with your skincare regimen. Sorry to do this ladies, but that myth is officially busted. Taking care of your skin is integral to anti-aging, and frankly, the foundation for how to make fillers last longer. Keeping your skin moisturized, hydrated, and supple will heighten the injections’ water-absorption effects. In turn, treated areas stay looking young and plump!

Sun Protection

If you’re a longtime reader of our blog, you’ll know there’s nothing we preach more than proper sun care. Not only does sun exposure speed aging, but UV rays can actually cause certain fillers to break down and absorb by the body at quicker rates. While often under-regarded, minimizing sun exposure is actually one of the most important practices if you’re searching for how to make fillers last longer. Avoid being out in the sun during peak UV hours, reach for large-framed sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats, and never skip out on SPF. That includes your eyes and lips.

We challenge you to incorporate all of the above tips and tricks, and marvel at the difference they make! When you are finally ready for your filler top-up, make sure you put your face in good hands. For a free consultation with our cosmetic injector and medical director, Dr. Machat, please click here or call (647)622-0850. One of our professionals will be happy to assist you.