Even if found not hazardous to patients’ health, skin lesions can cause cosmetic concerns. Here at Machat Medical Aesthetics, we understand the impact that appearance can make on one’s confidence. Unlike much of the competition,  our clinic is unique in that there is a physician onsite. After examining her patients, Dr. Machat can determine if a lesion can be safely removed or if the patient will need a referral to the appropriate specialist for a lesion biopsy. Mole removal treatments include:


Cryotherapy  or liquid nitrogen is the most commonly used mole removal treatment, particularly for flat and thin lesions. Multiple lesions can be treated in one visit. Since we adopted a more precise liquid nitrogen delivery mode, using a product called Crioprobe, our mole removal treatments have become almost painless and with minimum risk of scarring.

Cryotherapy can cause change in pigmentation of the treated site, specially in patients with dark skin. Cryotherapy should only be used by qualified health professionals once clinical diagnosis has been established.

Mole removal by excision

Excision or surgical removal can be done for cosmetic reasons in larger skin tags using surgical scissors after injecting a freezing solution, 1% lidocaine.

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