How to Get Perfect Skin: Machat’s Bootcamp

How to Get Perfect Skin: Machat’s Bootcamp

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and though we’re grateful for the much-needed family time and comfort food, it’s time to shape up. Unsurprisingly, a weekend filled with carbs, sugar, and wine can have detrimental impacts on skin health. Typically, a binge will cause fluctuations in insulin levels, the effects of which are twofold. For starters, collagen proteins are damaged, bringing about signs of aging. What is more, the dramatic shifts in insulin levels also affect hormonal fluctuations, which account for sudden breakouts. Luckily, after much trial-and-error over the years, we’ve perfected the post-holiday skin revival plan. Keep reading for our beauty hangover cures.

Inflammation Station

If you recall from high school biology, sugar stimulates fatty acid production. Upon digestion of these compounds, various inflammatory processes are triggered in the body. The result? Raised, bumpy skin, redness, irritation, or worse yet- pimples. Step one in any good skin revival guide is to deflate with anti-inflammatories. These include green tea, licorice extract, chamomile, and vitamin E- so keep an eye out for these ingredients in your vanity. Our favourite home remedy? Turmeric. Whether ingested or applied directly to the skin, turmeric is renowned for its soothing, quick effects! Consider this as well – eating the wrong foods got you in this mess, so eating the right ones can be a great help in offsetting the situation. We’re not saying you should be feeling guilty about indulging, especially during the holidays, but do stock up on veggies and fiber-filled fruit to counteract the inflammation.

Unclogging Pores

Yet another of sugar’s many negative side effects is that it’s highly dehydrating for the skin. Resultantly, the ability to carry out core functions such as cell turnover is compromised. With diminished cell turnover, the skin fails to shed its dead cells at the appropriate rate, causing debris accumulation. Detoxing the congestion is key to improving the state of your skin and avoiding a breakout! We recommended clearing clogged pores by steaming, preferably with tea tree oils, to rid your skin of toxins.

Serum Skin Revival

You’re always well equipped for greatness with a high-quality serum. We here at Machat Aesthetics are major fans of serums on account of their extended penetration. Unlike an average-joe moisturizer, serums seep much deeper into the skin due to their smaller molecular complexion.  Serums are also dense in anti-aging and brightening elements, tackling dull, lifeless skin head-on. To optimize hydration and rejuvenating power, we always suggest employing both a moisturizer and a serum when the goal is skin revival.

Everything in Moderation

For whatever reason, we tend to irrationally over-do our skincare when our complexion is not at its best. We’ve noticed that this holds especially true for cleansing and exfoliating as if doubling the dose means double the detox power. While we understand the logic, we regret to inform you this is not the case. In fact, over-cleansing and exfoliating is disruptive of (and destructive to) your acid mantle. The acid mantle is a protective layer of skin that locks moisture in, and keeps dirt and bacteria out. It is your immune system’s first line of defense and is key to skin health. Instead of aggravating it with extra product, remember: less is more. For proper skin revival, keep irritation at bay; stick to gentle foaming cleansers to flush out toxins instead. Try Vivier’s medicated wash with 2% salicylic acid as an everyday, anti-microbial wash!

Antioxidant Magic

The last step of our skin revival guide is to call in the big guns: antioxidants. These powerful compounds are true skincare superstars, offering countless restorative benefits to skin health, such as reducing and counteracting free radical production. They promote a bright and even complexion and are godsends for all things anti-aging. Most importantly, they assist with dehydration and inflammation- the two biggest culprits of post-indulgence dullness. If you’re trying to get back on track after a sinful weekend, we suggest picking up an antioxidant-rich serum. You’ll be surprised by how quickly this becomes a regular product in your regime!


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