Transitional Skincare for Fall


Transitional Skincare for Fall

Earlier sunsets, dropping temperatures, and the iconic return of pumpkin-spiced brews can only mean one thing. Wake up and smell the falling leaves: autumn is officially here! While we’re thrilled about the fashion and cozy game nights-in, we know the seasonal change requires extra focus on our skincare.  As humidity levels plummet, and the air becomes dry and stale, our skin is first to feel the effects.  Avoid fragile, flakey, and itchy skin this fall; follow our transitional skincare guide below!

Transitional Skincare Product Swaps

When the scorching heat brings about excessive oil-production and sebum-clogged pores, water and gel-based skincare is a godsend. When air moisture is diminished and  oil-production is halted,  foaming cleansers and oil-free moisturizers are devils in disguise. Light summer products lack the level of hydration that our skin requires with the weather change. Instead, they accelerate and intensify dry skin. Shelve these until spring, and opt for moisture-boosting, heavy creams and balms. These aid in replenishing naturally occurring healthy fats in the skin, and keeping its barrier hydrated.

Shorter Showertimes

If you’re anything like us, a long, boiling-hot shower sounds as close to a DIY spa night as it gets. As luxurious it feels to escape the outdoor cold in the steam, its effects on the skin are quite drying.  Transitional skincare goes beyond changing your products, it requires lifestyle choices that support your skin in the new season too. That’s why we recommend keeping the shower temperature warm, and not lingering longer than 10 minutes.

Here’s a bonus tip for post-shower skin aftercare:

To kick hydration up a notch, we always advise the ‘soak-and-smear’ approach to clients. This means applying serums and moisturizers while the skin is still damp, for maximum absorption. Be sure to also incorporate moisturizing body washes in the shower, implementing key ingredients like shea butter.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

With work-from-home as the new norm, people are neglecting sunscreen now more than ever. We’ve got news: just because you’re not out on the town, does not mean you are immune to harmful UV rays that reach you through your windows. Even bleak, gloomy days pose a risk to your skin! Don’t cut SPF from your transitional skincare lineup- instead, find a multipurpose moisturizer that can act both as a hydration boost and sun protection.

You Are What You Eat

You’ve heard it since the dawn of time, but it’s important that we emphasize: you are what you eat. Although autumn blues make it easy to succumb to carby, sugary comfort foods, resist the urge at all costs! Thef foods you consume directly impact the quality of your skin, no matter the season, which means treating your body with care is as important as ever. Swap the greasy oversized pizza for a plateful of healthy fats like fish and avocado;  your complexion will thank you.

Psst. This includes continuing to hydrate your body with a minimum of 2L of water per day.

If you need help curating a transitional skincare regimen wth products and services that are best suited to your personal concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help. Text (647)622-0850 or click to book your FREE consultation with our skin experts today! Included in the consult is a thorough skin analysis to help pinpoint the areas in which your skin needs the most attention, as well as our professional advising on how to tackle these concerns.